Top eight stunning joysticks to rule the game

Playing computer games is like an addiction. For all the gamers who are involved in leisurely activities as such are always on a lookout for the best controllers available. With the availability of the advanced video games that require high end controlling features with fast responses along the different contours of the gaming area. More and more games are getting dependent on the joysticks as keyboard and mouse find lesser adaptability towards the requirements. With the rise of 3D games, fast action shooting or maneuvering our character through rough terrain is a big challenge and the use of controllers and joysticks prove to be the savior. But we are in a constant dilemma about what to buy and where to get it from. The pricing and adaptability to multi platform games with longevity and endurance are also one of the major factors in making a decision.  Running to the store next door is not the solution in any case. Considering all of these confusions, let us see what is the best selling and best available joysticks that are available on Amazon, selected based on the diverse range of specifications offered and the users’ reviews. You can buy them by clicking on the product image.

8. Mad Catz FLY5 Stick for personal computer

This is a joystick that is made strictly for playing games in personal computer. With adjustable stick height and tilting head, the players are always comfortable to hold and manage their games with much ease. The product is quite affordable and comes with 12 buttons which are used to manage the command and control the game and can be customized even. The product is equipped with twin throttle system.

7. Thrustmaster 2960623


Though considered a cheap joystick and viewed as an entry level joystick by some, Thrustmaster proves its worth as a brand with one of the best joystick available in the market. Rubberized grips with proper ergonomics and a stable grip make the game playing quite an enjoying act by reducing the fatigue that can affect a player over long hours. It works with PC well and is windows compatible and the 3-axis, 4-button and single trigger system provides just the right thrust.

6. Microsoft Sidewinder Precision 2 joystick


A joystick which learns on its own and evolves as a better controller is always deemed as fantasy, but it is one of the special capabilities of this joystick. It learns about the controls and command in both saved and downloaded commands of a game and performs better every next time. It consists of 16 buttons which are further divided into two segments where 8 is for different actions while the other 8 is directional. It has a durable rotating rudder that provides a jaw dropping throttle of 146 degrees and whole equipment promises stability.

5. Saitek Pro Flight Rhino H.O.T.A.S (Hands on throttle and stick) System

A real sturdy joystick and completely reliable game playing partner, this joystick is surely one out of the world experience for pro gamers as well as beginners. It has good accuracy and the control system fits ergonomically within the hands. Contains a 16-bit axis and a 16-bit aileron, the device is really good at handling fast paced shooting games. With locks and friction adjusters in its twin throttle system, the movement is smooth and exact. A must buy for all serious gamers.

4. Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Joystick


A beast in the segment, this device comes up with a lot of features that are trademarked to the manufacturer’s name and makes the gaming easier only. Whatever the experience maybe, a person will find real satisfaction with the HallEffect AccuRate technology as it massively increases the accuracy and precision required for high-end games moving at fast pace. Other features include responsive on-stick 3D magnetic sensors, a five-coil system supporting the dual throttle stick and upgradable firmware. The connectivity is through USB port and is quite stable in long hours of game play.

3. Saitek X52 Flight Control System


A perfect in-flight simulator and almost a replica in many senses, it provides a lifelike gaming experience. It boasts of an LCD monitor and has illuminated buttons that make the playing more interesting. With proper friction adjustment and five position handle adjustments, the experience gets only better. The customizations of the buttons are easy and depend on the Smart Technology software which is onboard, thus making the X-axes and y-axes movement work like charm.

2. Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick


With the right shape and size of an actual flight controller, the controller provides a lot of features. Along with the regular features and hand rest, the adjustability and adaptation of the game to custom command, it comes with features like the detachable handle and five-way axes. Definitely for those who love playing flying based games.

1. Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick


Sitting at the helm of gaming joystick is this monster that can virtually respond and simulate to any game or controls. The controller offers all the smooth ergonomics along with almost every available feature its peers boast of. No wonder it is at the top of the list.

Though the above is the best joysticks, there could be some product or that is not listed but according to some might be better. We must remember that innovations regarding joysticks are continuing, and we could have another one with better features and comfort to replace the existing ones.


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