Natural breasts or Engineered breasts?

Why should you have a breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation therapy is used for those who have to restore the size and shape of their breast. As it may happen, due to age or any illness, sometimes the breast gets sagged down or disfigured due to any surgery for removing the cancerous tissues regarding breast cancer, and augmentation can work real wonders in such cases. It is a plastic surgery therapy, and have gained quite a popularity as it does not have any harmful side-effects. There are quite a number of ways by which the surgeons perform a breast augmentation procedure and employ the used of saline water based implants or silicone gel based implants. Both of these are quite safe albeit a few precautions should be taken to negate the risk of the general surgical procedure. Also, the implants have to be monitored and need to be replaced from time to time.

It is quite evident that breast augmentation is a long-term solution to have a youthful figure that boosts the morale of any women. If you have a really positive attitude to carry yourself then it is the best procedure that you can undergo to have the perfect figure and if you think your breast are too small for you. Also, it can be used a reconstructive therapy after you have children leading to sagging of boobs. Definitely, a plastic surgeon should be consulted before you go under the knife.

Once the procedure starts, the surgeon makes an incision in the breast area and lifts the tissues present by creating a pocket which can be filled by saline implants, cohesive gel implants, silicone implants or autologous fat transfer. The saline implants work by injecting and filling with salt water and maintains pre-determined state and shape of the breasts. The cohesive gel implants use a gel that is useful for maintaining a firm and tight shape and holding them for a longer duration. The silicone gel, on the other hand, uses a less thick gel that gives the softness requires. The autologous fat transfer employs the use of fat taken from other fatty portion of your bodies such as the flanks, thigh or stomach region, and use them as the filler agent. These techniques are very easy to understand, and depending upon the factors such as your body type, augmentation goals, age and other such requirements, the decision is made.

The after-effects of the surgery are almost negligible. There could be some stiffness or numbness along with some pain for a couple of days after the surgery, but that is due to the procedure undergone. Also, there are almost no scars visible, generally due to the location of the incision is made under the breast or near the armpit and is barely visible. Sometimes, the incisions are made around the nipple. These techniques are used to improve the breast volume thus making you more confident. These implants are very much risk-free, and they should be acquired from a certified provider. As the implants, as well as the surgical procedure, are refined and improved on a regular basis, the whole procedure gets easier and hassle free.

The most important part though is getting ready for the surgery. That includes making yourself ready to go through the procedure by making yourself ready. Also selecting the right surgeon, with proper certification and expertise is equally important. You should be well aware of your medical history or any reactions towards any drug and must undergo a few tests for better understanding of the profile you want. Thorough examinations and mammogram, along with photographs of the breast too are very important.

Before and after the surgery there are a few points that should be adhered to. You should stop smoking at least 5-6 weeks before the surgery. There are some medications and other physical equipment could be used after the surgery to make the process more comfortable and must be followed religiously. Proper monitoring and consultation with the physician and surgeon are as much important and they should be notified even at the slightest hint of discomfort during these initial stage. With all the proper precautions and a positive mindset is all you need to go through a successful breast augmentation procedure, thus increasing your days as a youthful person who looks gorgeous in any dress she wears.


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