Top Soil testing kits

Beginning of a landscaping project requires a lot of hard work and investment. We spend a lot of money and time in looking out for the perfect equipment but still, one of the common mistakes we generally do is not going for the soil test. We often ask the question about the necessity of going through the ordeal of a time consuming and costly tests to determine the quality of the soil. It is definitely worth it and one should always check the soil for determining the soil types and conditions. With the availability of a wide range of soil testing kits available in the market, we can always choose one that is essential to our requirements.

Checking the soil routinely can help a lot. It is always better to know about the pH value, or the nitrogen or potash level, cation exchange rate, all these can actually guide us towards taking care and treating the soil as per their deficiency or surplus value. This reduces the wastage of fertilizers and other ingredients. It also helps in keeping ourselves away from all the far-fetched expectations that we unnecessary start to build up. With various types of Rapitest Amazon Soil Tester, we can do all these without any trouble. You can click on the images to buy the products.

Luster Leaf 1609CS Rapitest Soil Tester

A good soil tester it is a good and reliable tester and used for checking of nutrients like potash, nitrogen and pH level. It also packs a detailed comparison chart to check and validate the test result.


Luster Leaf 1612 Rapitest pH Soil Tester

A cheap and good soil tester. It does not require any additional skill to work too. There is a very accurate testing system with a color-coded comparator is available, but the only drawback is that it can measure only the pH level in the soil, and cannot be used to determine the content of other nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, etc. The pH value it measures holds true for quite a long duration and can be compared with before and after results.


Luster Leaf 1820 Rapitest Soil Tester

Evaluation of the total moisture content in a soil is very important, and this tester has been optimized to do exactly the same. It can check the moisture level in soil of almost all types and measures the water requirement of the plants even, having a database of around 150 plants. It is very easy to use and the cheap price makes it more lucrative. Also, no battery is required for working with the equipment.


Luster Leaf 1601 Rapitest Soil Tester

One of the best soil testers, it can measure the pH content as well as the potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus content of the soil. It comes with the color coded result and comparative handbook which is used to determine and compare the result with the requirement. The less price tag helps us to finalize the deal.

Soil testing requirement is almost mandatory if one wants to improve his landscapes on his own and paralleled with cost saving techniques and a lesser amount of wastage. Buying a soil testing kit could just make the difference.


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