Why PS4 is Not a Child’s Play

Serious gaming is like an addiction and it is very easy to get confused while choosing our gears. So PS4 Pro, the latest version of one of the most popular gaming console version Sony PlayStation 4, would require a closer look to see the variations and the upgrades it offers. Though the console looks like packaging the old formula in a newer version, the console comes with quite a few upgrades, keeping pace with the modern day’s requirements.

Priced at $399, the console is quite a buy for those who have the right kind of display at their disposal. PS4 Pro provides an impeccable resolution support with adapting the 4K and HDR technology to provide us with great visuals of the game. The characters look more vibrant and lively, with real-life environments, with more stable frame rate supports. Even with standard displays, the frame rate seems to be quite stable thus allowing more details and contrast ratios to help us with the dark and lighted areas. With a storage space of 1GB and better clocking rate of the GPU, one can expect a visual delight with less choppy images and smooth visuals.

But the fact that PS4 Pro doesn’t actually come with better variations or completely another game makes it a bit overhyped. It supports the games that are already available on PS4 and it makes them graphically smoother and realistic. Some experts feel that this could hinder the gaming giants a bit but the lead architect Mark Cerny assures that the whole experience of gaming is going to change. He even gave a demonstration of some games which actually supports his claims. What kind gamers the console is going to attract is yet to see, but definitely, it has made its mark on the world gaming platform for sure.


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