How modern kids cheat in exams

Cheating in examinations and other competition is not uncommon, and there are bundles of stories about them. A proper parenting could though take care of this problem in the kid and develop a strong moral integrity for the children. Cheating not only harms the child by exposing him to the susceptibility of losing his sense of right and wrong but also makes them less responsible towards their studies, thus the issue should be carefully treated.

Though cheating in exams is as old as the exams, in fact, the modern cheating techniques have evolved a lot more than we expect. There is evidence that even the student gets replaced even, by some other person who is thorough with the procedures and score a lot more through practices. Even if that is not the case, there are instances where the whole exam is postponed or canceled due to these scrupulous activities of the children there are ever innovative ideas that come up with exam cheating. Some people still rely on the old method of carrying a scroll carrying answers to the expected questions, but others depend on the utilization of technology to the fullest. There are instruments like an invisible earplug or some ultraviolet colored pen which cannot be seen without some special lights. The use of pens with a hollow chamber, along with the idea of using the label of the water bottle and writing at the bottom of the label, the effort taken is mind-boggling. But with the uses of the invisible watch, the cheating techniques got above by quite a notch. It uses a watch which might see as been kept in a switched off position but uses a polarized glass to scroll through the content of the watch. It is completely blank until and unless viewed through that polarized glass.

Cheating in exams is not uncommon for kids, and the overall history dates back long. The present so called art of cheating in exam though is more organized with even some organized groups behind the back of the students. One reason could be the children’s’ mindset about cheating in society promotes the idea of cheating in exams. Also, the idea of getting better than their peers by any means could another reason. In some cases, the parents create unnecessary pressure my comparing the kids’ academic credentials with another kid to validate the sense of achievement, which can play a negative role too. All of these factors combined with the child’s own mindset result in cheating in exams.

Being a parent knowing about the kid is extremely necessary. Whenever the kid starts to be secretive about his studies and grades, a parent should be wary of the consequences. They should always cross-examine the kids about the studies and their learning and should be more conscious about the gray areas. Also motivating the students against the idea of cheating, and not comparing the academic condition of other kids might help a lot. Participating in the studying process during any examination can also be of great help for monitoring the child’s intentions and curbing them at an initial state.


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