How to Automate an Entire Industry

Automation or automatic control is used extensively in all spheres of life nowadays. It helps us to increase accuracy and precision, reduce errors, save time, money or energy, etc. to cite a few examples. It has been accepted by us as an integral part of our life that makes our life quite easy-going and less laborious. Yet, there are a few areas or sectors where automating the process can be less beneficial and may not provide us with the exact result which we were looking forward to while investing in them. Commercial cleaning is one such area where the idea of automation may seem lucrative but actually has its own limitations.

There has been a buzz for quite some time now that automating the cleaning industry has a great advantage. It will reduce the total time of cleaning and the quality of the general housekeeping in a general area. With the introduction of new technologies like artificial intelligence and adaptive capabilities of a machine, it can be perceived that it will work in a conducive manner and supposed to take decisions based on the actual requirement in a certain area. But we must also remember that it is a machine and the robotic nature may be good in some field still it lacks the experience and the human quotient of a regular janitor. Commercial cleaning NYC has quite a few different service providers who provide with the right kind of cleaning services as per the requirement of the customer. One major difference is the people are highly experienced and skilled who can take a decision based on the emotional as well as intelligence which gives them an edge over their robotic counterparts. They use advanced tools and technologies which cater the exact needs of the customers. The investment cost in appointing such services are almost negligible than installing an automated cleaning system. Also, the major area of concern regarding the automated versions is related to the safety of the machines itself, along with proper maintenance and supervision which may not be found easily or requires proper expertise or knowledge of the machine system. The commercial cleaning NYC does not require any such critical approach and is highly professional to take care of exigencies on their part. Since the quality of service is equally good, with a lesser investment, it is natural that they will be having an edge I such cases.

Automating an entire industry, specifically, the cleaning industry may not seem to be a good idea in this regards.


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