Your partner is a “mirror” that shows your “dark side”

All of us get into a romantic relationship sooner or later. We tend to do a lot of crazy stuff without thinking about whatever implications they may have. More often than not these are the person with spending the best of our time and worst of all too. Some relationship lasts a lifetime while other withers away very soon. It is also true that our partners are only people with whom we enjoy doing most of the things, be it traveling or enjoying at a pub or hanging out. But they also act as a mirror to our soul as we tend to open up all our emotions to them. All our secrets and dilemmas lie naked in front of them. Eventually, it is our choice about what action we should take in addressing them.

There is no problem if we share the light moments with our partners. But the real problem is when we choose to disclose our dark side. It is also believed that we subconsciously choose our mirror image as a partner who would do the same thing the same way we do originally. So to continue with a healthy relationship we must let the other person help us to overcome the guilt and actions of our darker side. This may cause some initial inhibitions in the initial stages, but it’s better to cure a problem than letting to get worse. We should always approach these type of situations with a long-term goal in mind.

The major problem that we face in a relationship is when we try to express ourselves as for how we are. The initial infatuation of the relationship takes a backseat and we simply find that the other person is not what that they seemed during the first few encounters. We gradually begin to see more and more of the negative things and gets agitated. Slowly the relationship turns out to be a sour affair and we cannot wait long enough to move on. But needless to say, it is the time that should be dealt with serious maturity. We should always remember that everyone has a darker side and the partners being the closest is the one who can help to let the other person cross over the line. It is very important to find the right questions to ask your crush so that the whole affair moves in a positive side.

The situations get worse when they start asking the validity of the things we do that may be entertaining for us but is actually harmful in nature. The perfect example could be of Jesse Pinkman and his love interest Jane Margolis in the famous TV series Breaking Bad. We can very well see here that once an addict Jane who had been living sober for almost a year and a half suddenly finds herself back again to drugs and stuff. She even Blackmailed Walter White to pay the partnership amount to Jesse so that they can continue to get high. These are the type of relationship that we must always avoid and ask the right questions at the right time. This is the only way we can help our partner to get rid of the dark side of his character. There may be occasions when one finds each others’ attitude or action irksome but must try to find out the actual reason causing it. It is a long time process and both the partners should approach with extreme patience and caution otherwise things could turn disastrous for them. Even the slightest of provocation could prove to be the terminating factors for the relationship.

Famous psychologists Linda and Charlie Bloom conducted many experiments to prove the effectiveness of different types of interactions between partners that can awaken the darker side and eventually helped them to get rid of them. They constantly help couples to break the ice regarding things that left unsaid between them or could lead to problems. Their consultations helped a lot of couples to face their own demons in the relationship and get over them. Linda and Charlie used simulations as well created scenarios that could trigger the negative side of the character and used their vast skills in psychology to help the couple to get over them. The major plus-point of these interactions is that the couples who go through a few sessions facing their own insecurities find a permanent cure and they never make the same mistakes again in their relationship with their partner. There are many real life experiments and case studies organized by them that can be found on their website.

The best thing about the consultations by Linda and Charlie lies in their understanding of the background and the reasons for such a behavior. They hold a casual speaking session just to analyze the depth of the problem and takes further actions depending upon their preliminary finds. So all tests and consultations are customized according to the people they meet and interact with. They even guide the couples so that they can use the techniques in future if any problem arises again. The real life application is much more important in such cases and they are more than happy to provide it.

Whatever the professional help may tell you, it is always important for us to understand the root of the problem to make it work and get past it. The psychologists suggest that the couples should be interactive enough and always look for actions or conversation which brings out their positive emotions. They also suggest the couples to not react violently or act on impulse if their counterpart tries to describe the toll any dark action is taking on each other. They should talk with a just cause and try to root out the problem to benefit either one of them. Also not addressing any problem won’t help. Proper communication along with belief in the other person is the key to solve any pending issues between them and they themselves can counter it without taking any type of external help.


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