Weight loss through yoga is easier than it may seems

How to lose weight through Yoga

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise which takes care of the spiritual, mental and physical well-being of an individual. The word ‘yoga’ itself means addition or combination and is believed to impart the same type of effect on individuals. Yoga has been found quite effective in improving a person’s physical and mental effectiveness through various poses, or Asanas as their other name. It is found that the effects of yoga are profound in cases of appetite loss, or depression, anxiety, gastric problems, etc. It is also very useful if someone wants to lose weight in a harmless way. Losing weight with yoga for beginners is also very easy, and they can explore it as an option for a healthier and better physique.

Yoga is believed to be one of the healthiest ways of life. One can control his or her mental abilities as well improve the basic functions of the body organs. It helps to maintain a good heart condition, effective liver and lungs functions, increases the blood flow and blood flow rate, improves metabolism and detoxify the body. The Asanas are different on the basis of the requirement of the body and the end result. Also, one should take care of any medical conditions which may increase with the current postures and should change to easier alternate poses. Though yoga offers a lot of benefits, we should always maintain a few basic rules. As yoga is a way for maintaining a healthy way of life, the food habits need to be monitored as well. The food we consume normally should consist of protein, carbohydrates, fat and other nutrients as the major ingredient. One main reason for weight gain is the accumulation of the fats we consume directly or by the process of carbohydrates transforming to fats when it does not burn. Yoga helps in increasing the metabolism of the body which helps in burning this transformed carbohydrates and other layers of fat present in the body. It also takes care of the detoxification of the body, so any cumulative additions to the layers of fats get reduced. Thus it is of utmost importance to choose the nature of our diet as well the frequency of eating them. There is no point of having a great work-out and ruin the whole session by consuming food which will again add up to increase the total fat content of the body.

Before jumping to any yoga session we have prepared our minds for a number of things. The first and foremost thing is our objective or the extent of weight loss we want. There is a very wide difference in the idea when it comes to weight loss with the concept of inch loss. If you are looking for reducing or toning the body in a few areas, we would be having a totally different approach to that of the idea of actually losing weight. The latter takes much more time and requires a lot of discipline to achieve. The different asana and the eating habits change drastically for maintaining a healthy body over a longer period of time. Since yoga tells us about the importance of maintaining a discipline, the main job starts with controlling our minds.

Controlling of diets plays an important role. We should be aware of the food value of the certain products. If we are young it is very easy to control body fat through yoga and be aware of what are we eating. But we tend to develop our food habits over the year as we grow up, so it takes a lot of control on our habits for discarding those foods which we love but can contribute to a negative effect. We should also put a check on emotional eating or eating whenever we crave for certain things. This breaks down the discipline the body gets accustomed to and leads to a poor result. As a human being, eating has a lot to do with our willpower, so it is better to have a resolute approach towards a version of foods with negative or detrimental food values. One way to do this is to keep our kitchen, pantry or fridge free of such items. We should definitely be more interested in having the foods which increase our metabolism by increasing the production of the inner body juices for breaking down and utilizing the nutrients and throwing out malicious effects of the food. We could also go for a bit of relaxing activities such as walking, or cycling which helps us to boost our body’s capability to consume the extra energy giving carbohydrates thus not letting them accumulate. Junk foods like fries or potato chips are strictly a no-no. Keeping a track of our progress and backing ourselves with the right belief is also a key thing to do while maintaining a proper diet. The eating habits should also be modified so as to include 5-6 small meals instead of gulping down whatever we have during lunch or dinner. We should always remember that maintaining a proper diet does not necessarily mean starving ourselves but should be done in a proper and controlled way. As the body gets adjusted to this type of eating habits, the workout or the asana really starts to take effect miraculously. There is no alternative to hard work, and Yoga is definitely not for those people who seek quick results. It takes determination, discipline, and devotion to building a perfect figure, which is fit and flexible.

The Asanas that Yoga teaches us is just the manifestations of different postures which help our body to improve the various functions of different organs. There are a few of them which are very easy to perform yet powerful, but for more complex working out, a teacher might be required. Several of these pose attempts at improving the tone and texture of the various parts of the body making them devoid of fat tissues. Generally, the areas of concern are the region around belly or tummy, hips, thighs, upper arms, chests, and buttocks. The Asanas takes into account of the different ways that fat can be accumulated and slowly reducing them. Let us see how different Asanas helps us in doing so and the major benefits that we can gain from them.

Veerbhadrasana or the Warrior pose is an effective and most easy to do Asana and its target in reducing weight from back muscles, arms thigh, and shoulder. The person stands with their feet apart and clasps the hands together, then stretches it as far they can. Then he should be twisting his upper body in right or left direction while slightly bending their knees and hold in that position for at least 30 seconds before coming to the initial position. It should be repeated while twisting to the other side and maintaining the same instruction. Breathing must be kept normal. This asana is also well known for improving balance and stamina. The body muscles gradually increase in tone and stability thus making us a lot fitter over the time. In another variation or addition to the pose, the asana can be done to improve the abdominal areas as well as the thighs. This should be done by keeping our feet apart while standing. Next move is to move our right foot to the right side so that your right thigh is parallel to the floor while stretching the left leg to the most. While doing this, we must stretch our hands on both sides and hold in this pose for at least 30 seconds and breathe normally. Repeat with the other foot to complete one set.

Dhanushasana or Bow Pose is another effective asana to reduce fat from thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips. The pose starts with us lying down on our belly and keeping our hands besides our torso. The knees should then be bent in such a way that it is very close to the buttocks. We must be exhaling while taking this step. The next step is to clasp our ankles with our hands, followed by lifting our thighs from the ground and stretching our ankles while keeping a hold on them to the maximum extent possible and opening our chest. Breathing is very important to perform this exercise effectively. We should maintain this pose for at last 20-30 seconds before gently returning back to the initial position. The major benefit one can reap through this pose is by having an improved posture alongside strengthening the neck, back, and abdominal muscles.

A perfect Yoga Asana for getting toned abs may seem improbable to many though it is possible. The boat pose or Nauka Chalan Asana does that exactly. This is an exercise which starts with us sitting on the yoga mat on the floor with our feet are stretched and apart. Now we raise our legs in a 45-degree position while keeping them straight while leaning back our torso so that we attain a V-shaped position. Holding this pose for 30 seconds is very important. Pregnant women should refrain from doing this asana as it puts a lot of pressure on the abdomen and may harm the baby.

Considered as one of the main asanas which are very helpful in maintaining the posture and takes care of the whole body is the Locust pose or Shalabhasana. This asana stretches the whole body and takes care of proper flexing in the abdominal, thigh, shoulder and back muscles. This asana could be seen as similar to Dhanushasana but performed differently that have a different result. In this, we lie on our belly and are in a relaxed pose. Now we should raise our legs from the ground while keeping our knees straight and lifting our shoulders too while maintaining normal inhalation. Basically, while we are in the held pose for this asana, the body balances itself on the tummy. We need hold this position for at least 30 seconds before we return to our initial position. This asana is very helpful in relieving stress and improving postures but should be avoided by those with back pains or who are asthmatic. One should also refrain from doing this asana if they are not comfortable with it or starts developing neck pains with the continuation of this asana.

One of the most critical asanas which actually make us feel the muscles and fats are known by the name of Camel pose or Ustrasana. It heavily works in developing a toned arm while strengthening back and abdominal muscle. The pose starts by sitting on the yoga mat and rising up on our knees. The next step to follow is to look up while bending backward while raising our arms so that we can hold our heels, which is kept parallel to the floor. The arms must feel the stretch as we try to hold on to this position for 30 seconds to one minute. We must exhale slowly as we return to our initial stage of being on our knees. The asana should be repeated 3-4 times for getting the maximum result. People with back or neck pain, as well as pregnant women, should stay away from this exercise as it puts a lot of stress on the abdominal muscles. The asana provides a lot of improvement on correcting our postures and tone or tightens the arm, back, shoulder and abdominal muscles. It is also helpful for taking care of the extra fat in the buttock, thighs and hip region.

Eating a proper diet and maintaining time for doing so along with these asanas have a tremendous effect on the body and provides with the freshness of mind and souls. Maintaining all these healthy habits accordingly and being in a happy state of mind can help a person to reduce the unwanted weight which may be the reason for ill health or unfit body. Having a self-belief and maintaining a proper routine is the key to success in our endeavor of enjoying a healthy life.


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