Best Apps for Root Access Android

We have more than 10000 android mobile phones in the market as of now. All of them are accessing more or less the same repositories to new software or content in their mobile. So, even if we don’t want, we are susceptible to bloatware and unnecessary files that keep clogging our phone. Gaining root access helps the user to have complete control over the phone software and is able to handle the phone more efficiently. Unless the user has root access, they may not have the permission to access all the files and extensions of software. Rooting helps in improving device stability, increase battery life and inbuilt space, get rid of the ads and bloatware. It is a real lucrative deal for anyone who wishes to change how his phone works, though this can sometimes lead to revocation of the warranty.

As the Android platform is basically an extension of the Linux operating system, anyone with a basic knowledge of running operating system as an administrator can tweak the properties of the apps in an android phone. There are some great apps available which support great help in this regards and is easily available online and some even in Google Playstore. Such apps are of tremendous potential and allow the user to play God with his mobile operating system. Let us take a peek at some of the best that can lure the geeks.

One of the popular apps that can provide root access to you goes by the name Quick Reboot. It is a simple yet powerful app that lets the user perform a host of task like quick rebooting of the device and run a recovery. It can also load the bootloader and the user can perform his desired activity for any app they want. The app is not free of cost but is very cheap, so it won’t hurt the pockets of many users.

Another popular app is named as Dumpster, and it is basically a recovery tool. It can restore any photo, video, document file which we may have accidentally deleted. There are some in the app purchase for some premium features but overall Dumpster can be used pretty perfectly by a newbie. There is another app that doesn’t do much with entire root access but can block the advertisement on an android phone. It goes by the name Adblocker and can be customized according to the ad types so the user can block all ads or choose to let a few of them show up according to taste and likings. This app is not available in Playstore but can be downloaded directly from their website.

Though rooting of the device can lead to irreversible alteration to the phone’s software, many users want to risk it to improve the performance of their phones to their liking. The risk is worth taking for some people and it is easy for some to choose between better performances on one hand and totaling of the device on another. Anyone should always have a backup of the contents before trying any such act.


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