Why Writers Should Take Part in Writing Contests

It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and creativity to make our mark among the most popular writers. We all strive for it, start with all the enthusiasm we have and suddenly we tend to lose focus. Or there are times when we think we did great to finish the short story we have been working, only to see it rejected by the publication house due to some reasons, and the feeling of worthlessness start seeping in. To all such writers, one of the solutions is to participate in writing contests. There are a number of websites where one can take part in these and earn fame or money or both. Let us explore in what ways it could be done.

Participating in a writing contest may sound easy but has some rules and regulations which differ from one another. We must read the terms and conditions of the contest before entering into one. They provide clarity so as to how to approach a certain project and the deadlines required completing it. It also helps in setting the pace of creating the masterpiece that may be the next big thing one can imagine. As per the rules provided, one can choose a certain niche or can submit any random piece of work they seem fit for creating the right amount of attention around it. Most of these contests pay quite handsomely that ranges from a few hundred bucks to quite a few thousand to the winners along with some other benefits, so the monetary gain is always there if we think that our work is perfect according to the requirement. But more importantly, we can earn a lot accolades from the readers who are appreciative about our writing. So even if do not win something, we can always have a few fans and followers. Also, we must keep in mind about the possibility of getting noticed by publication houses or website, which otherwise may have rejected the project if produced before them directly. The contests are usually time bound with final submission dates. That helps us to stick to our personal timeline, and sometimes it acts as a booster to complete a project which we couldn’t have finished earlier. It also means that even if fail to achieve the deadline; we can always fine tune the work we are doing and submit it to some websites or publication house. For some of us, it also results in an enhanced working so there is a lot of chance that the writing produced is of high quality and finds acceptance with most of the readers. Most of these competitions are international, that allows the participation of new and young writers who are ready with maybe an upcoming best seller.

The competitions are held in different categories and the winner is chosen on the basis of contests types, such best short story contests, poems, biography, etc, to mention some. There are prestigious awards offered to the writers by them which are actually quite high. There is Craig Prize for article writing, Nelligan Prize for Short fictions, Bath short story award, etc. which tries to promote the beginners and upcoming writers with a lot of facilities.

Though the offer seems lucrative, there are some problems that an aspirant feels. There is a chance that we could lose our entry fees, which are quite high for some websites. A person may feel dejected and heartbroken too if the rejection of their work. Some website doesn’t even pay anything. But these are the risk a person should be willing to take if he wants to make big on the opportunity and be respected at the same time.


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