Being fat does not mean that you are not fit

How to Determine If You are Fit or Fat?

The fitness of a person is often related to the amount of fat that they contain. Generally speaking, it is always perceived that an obese person is less fit than a slim one. Though it is not entirely incorrect, even a slim person can be a prey to the amount of fat content. With an increase in the total fat contents, it goes without saying that the risk of contracting deadly health complications like heart diseases, cancer, stroke or diabetes increases manifold. So it is always advisable to check the fat content regularly to avoid any kind of mishap.

• Body Fat and body weight

Commonly body weight is often perceived as the indicator of the fat content of an individual. But we should always remember that the human body is unique and different from each another, with all the bones, muscles and fat content differing from person to person. A slim person may have a greater percentage of body fat if he doesn’t have enough bone density or lean muscles in contrast to some heavier having better bone density and muscles build up. Also, age plays an important role in these types of cases as human being tends to lose lean muscles with an increase in age. Also as people grow up, sometimes the fat present in the body itself can replace the muscles and take its place leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. So proper monitoring is most essentials to know the actual facts.

• Monitoring methods

There are quite a few monitors in the market that can measure the amount of body fat in an individual with almost instant results, though medical practitioners often question the authenticity of such devices. The general principle works on the phenomenon of electrical conduction. The person to be tested needs to stand on the machine, while a small amount of electricity is passed through the foot sole. Electricity conduction is generally fair through the body, but the fats content, being non-conducting in nature does not let the electricity pass through, thus giving an indication of the total fat content. There are even better monitors that have been launched which measure the total water content, muscle mass, and other such important parameters and helps the user to take steps accordingly. But before the measurement, a person should read the manual and look into the dos’ and don’ts properly. Also since water plays an important part in conducting electricity, one should avoid consumption of alcohol or too much water before the test.


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