Why Assassination Classroom is a must watch

Japanese anime has evolved drastically over the years. Only a few would disagree with the fact that these animations have proven to attract millions of viewers with their out of the box concepts. Assassination Classroom is one such fine example. It is a science-fiction comedy manga which provides an unusual storyline. The bizarre yet comical events provide a sense of light yet powerful message showing the real face of life. The anime has been a hit among the audience gaining appreciation from viewers of all age groups. It was first published as a manga but later was adopted for an anime. It even got modified in movies with the same storyline.

Assassination Classroom is a simple story of a powerful monster that had already destroyed most of the moon. He is now threatening to do the same to the Earth. The only way to stop this from happening is by killing the monster. But the special powers and innumerable skills and superpowers make this impossible to perform. He decides to become a teacher at a school and teaches the students of class 3E about techniques of assassination to them. He eventually becomes the friend; philosopher and guide of these students but an underlying danger never stop lurking. The story tells us the journey the student and the teacher undergoes to fulfill the ultimate task and how hard it is to perform it. The story is uncannily similar to an old real life incident where the students had to rear and take care of a pig for three years, which was eventually sent to the slaughterhouse to provide for the food of the same students. This anime to aims at the harsh reality of making a choice and making hard decisions.


The major character of the series is the teacher named Koro-sensei. He is the person that is needed to be assassinated and he is the one who is teaching the 21 students about how to do it. He not only teaches them the deadly skills and techniques of killing but helps them in developing their grades, personalities and other traits to be a better person. Sounds bizarre though, he is both the villain and hero in the series. Killing the monster seemed unlikely at first with all its abilities and the special power of moving at 20Mach speed. The students slowly learn the techniques and also come across the secret that makes him vulnerable. Meanwhile, they are also challenged by other villains who came in search of the teacher and claim the prize announced on killing him. There are few villains who come for revenge even. Confrontations with these smaller villains showcased the ability of the students as well.

Though the teacher hogs the maximum limelight, the students are also an important set of characters that get their fair share of reputations. One may wonder about how all the 21 students could be so important, but rest assured the story writer has projected each one of them as unique with special skill sets. There are lots of individual moments and after a few episodes, it becomes quite evident about the part each of the characters has to play. Each one of the students, with their distinctive skills, shows us the many types of geniuses that exist in the same class who cannot be compared on a single scale.

Story, Music, and Graphics

The story is unique and has received a lot of appreciation from many critics. The portrayal of each of the characters and the situations they get involved in shows a lot of imaginations in the author’s part. The events which take place may be superficial but they draw a lot of reference from the actual problem that a young and adolescent student face while going through the most important phase of their lives. It also shows the role of a teacher on the minds and soul of a classroom full of young pupils. Even though the students knew that they have to kill the teacher eventually, they open up with him about the various troubles they are facing dealing with regular problems in their daily lives. It shows the close bond the students tend to form with their teachers in the initial years of their life. The story creates a lot of practical allusions and tries to provide an alternate solution to handle them.

The overall music is very pleasing with soothing musical soundtracks. It never falters in providing the accurate reproduction of sound effects reflecting varied emotions. We get emotional tones and background score during an emotional scene and its impressive change to a different area during action or comical scenes. The overall sound effect blends perfectly with the storyline and produces a pleasant experience.

The visualizations are excellent too. It never fails to show the exact emotions that a person goes through in different situations. It even assigns a unique identity to each character and raises the expectation from them. The transitions are smooth and there is no forced movement of scenes. The use of colors and backgrounds are quite eye-catching. It succeeds in providing a remarkable visual style that may be the hallmark of the future series.


Though many reject the credibility of cartoons and anime in providing actual learning to handle the challenges in the real world, this is one of a rare kind. It makes good use of every opportunity it gets in throwing small fragments of solution that be applied in the practical life. The series depicts the exact problems the high school students face along with their teachers and provides a simple solution to most of them. It also teaches us about the sacrifices one has to make in order to survive and sustain and grow up with them. The simplicity of storytelling and graphical interpretation helps only to further its claim. There is no doubt that this is one series which attracts an audience from all age groups. Make sure you watch them either episode by episode, though binge-watching won’t hurt the anime lovers.


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