Why is file host sharing better than torrents?

Along with the availability of the high-speed internet, file sharing has become very easy. One may though have a debate over the legality of downloading contents, but the popularity of downloading has been very high with users having access and download options for music, movies, video and audio files, pictures or any applications. Depending upon the requirement, there are two types of primary methods through which we can download any file namely direct download and torrent download. Both have their own pros and cons and let us weigh out the options that they provide.

File host sharing uses a server, or only a single location to download the required file. It is done by clicking the download link provided. No other application or peer connection is required. Since the link is directly connected to the files or the server, the download speed is quite high and depends solely on the bandwidth of our own internet connection. There is also less chance of inviting any disruptive application or virus as the server itself provides security against such malicious Trojans. Moreover, the speed does not drop over time. There are quite a lot of websites and servers that provide the direct download options like Rapidshare, Mediashare, etc. There are options of free download which restricts the speed to some extent and generally has a waiting time of 15 seconds to 45 seconds, and only one file can be downloaded at a time. There are premium options available, which allow the user to download multiple files at a higher speed, for a meager monthly rental. The mode of downloading could be through FTP or HTTP.

Torrents on the other hand, depend on p2p transfer. The downloading is done through 3rd-party applications which allow a torrent file to connect to different uploaders scattered all over the world through them. The speed of as torrent depends largely on the available uploaders or seeds and has not much to do with the bandwidth speed by our ISP. It also depends on the configuration and performance of the uploader’s computer. So there may be an eventual drop in speed or availability of seeds or peers. It also attracts a lot of virus or Trojans which eventually can corrupt our own machine. We should also remember the facts that the IP address of your computer can be viewed by other people who are connected to the file thus making us vulnerable by exposing us to security threats. Newer torrents may be downloaded faster if the number of seeders is high but old torrents do not provide as much speed.

With both the sharing type explained briefly, we should always choose the one which is safer, faster and does not expose our computer to the treats lurking around in the web world. We should always remember that direct download maybe faster, but it still makes its presence know through the computer log history. So downloading a protected file could still be of trouble if it crops up during any audit.


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