Archery Tag Rules and How to Master Them

Playing adventure games has found its place among the masses due to the sheer spectacle it provides and the adrenaline boost the players get. Archery tag is such a great game that may make you feel more like Robin Hood or any other fictional comic book character. The game rules are quite easy and it can be played by anyone above 10 years of age. It tests the aiming of the participants and their ability to understand and prioritize the requirements for winning the game.

The tag rules for beginners are easy to understand, though the execution part may depend on the participant himself as for how much he has understood the key features of scoring. The game is played by shooting arrows towards two teams of 5 players each protecting a 5-point target. Scoring is done on the basis of arrows hitting the players, their clothes or the bow they are holding. The 5-point target is also important as the team with a lesser number of targets knocked down is considered the winner after a short time span. A player who has got tagged or hit has to leave the play zone and wait for an opposing player to be out by his teammate, or if shoots down one of the opponents arrow.

Though the game is pretty straightforward in playing, with safety equipment, the player must take care of the bow and arrows used. The arrows are padded with foam and the chances of getting hurt are very less, but proper checking should be done before using them. Also, the minimum distance of shooting must be maintained and no shooting is allowed in the safe zone. The bow used should be simple and no compound bow or crossbow is allowed in the game. If all these are taken care of, you can go hunting as much as you want.


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