Proven Tips to increase your Website Usability

Whenever we are in a problem or have to gain information about something, we try to find it on the internet. The Internet holds solutions to almost all our requirements.  There are lots of websites which we like to browse through to get a specific query resolved. But did you notice that how many websites you click to open but eventually close without going through it properly? This could be due to the fact that the websites load too slowly or there are many advertisements which jumble up the actual content. The website design has a lot to contribute towards making it a successful website. These are small things that either we fail to address, or sometimes we overdo a lot. Taking care of these can make your website arriving at the top of the search result and audience will flock to it.

There are 4 basic requirements that take care of everything you need to build a great website. Let us see what they are. These are the primary needs that can make or break your reputation as a website designer.

  1. Content

The most important website usability tips that any expert will give you is to take off the content. Content is the topic you are addressing either in writing or through any media like audio, video or picture file. Your content should be clear and concise. Nobody wants to read about things that are just words revolving around the actual content. Make a point to structure your content with the proper keyword. Keep the sentences short and use a clear font. Use proper spacing and keep a uniform distance between the lines. Using bullets and numbered lists can ramp up the ranking of your website quite a bit.

Sometimes if you are hosting longer content, make sure to break it up into paragraphs and headlines. Providing information should be restricted to writing with credible backup and not some loosely written anecdote. Using of hyperlinks and backlinks should be kept to a bare minimum and absolutely on the need basis. Keeping your content clean, precise and to the point will not only increase the traffic but the average stay time will also improve dramatically.

  1. Structure

Though content is the king, the structure of the website itself is an absolute necessity. Even if your content is great, there is no point in visiting it unless it loads quickly and provides a structured resolution. A good website contains a lot of extensions and multimedia content, javascript. Make sure they all are properly inserted and properly placed. Overloading the site with too much multimedia will also wreck havoc in your overall ranking. Providing multiple videos or explicit use of javascript tend to make the website slow, be it in loading or handling. Think of the experience you had when you tried opening a page and it takes forever to load. Learn from the mistakes of others and keep your multimedia separated with the proper application of knowledge.

One way of embedding a lot of heavy multimedia without disrupting the loading speed is to create multiple pages under sub headings and tabs. Create a website map to guide the visitors to the appropriate content. Providing an index and proper tagging of the content will also help. Moreover, internet access is not restricted to computers and laptop only nowadays as tablet PCs, smartphones are capable of doing the same task. So you must also take care that the website loads fast not only on computers and laptops but also on these mobile devices. At least a mobile version should be built in reserve to counter these problems.

Another area you should concentrate is the use of different browsers. The browser compatibility and capability must be checked with all the plug-in you have installed inside your website. If your website loads slow on some browsers but work fine on others you should mention a disclaimer stating the browsers compatible with its version info. For bigger website including a search box with a link for the same should be provided to make it more user-friendly.

  1. So you have a great website now with excellent content. But it is of no use if you do not have enough visitors. You can use various techniques to check the digital footfall that your website enjoys. Google analytics provides a comprehensive understanding of the importance of visitors visiting your website. They check for unique visitors, average spend time and analyze how successful your website is. A few terms you should always keep in mind and keep a tab on them. The traffic growth and traffic flow indicate the number of unique visitors you are having on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. The real time web statistics show you the average bounce rate, i.e. the number of visitor leaving your site or closing the browser window without going through the content. The bounce rate should be as low as possible. Always check whether users are interacting with your website by sharing or referring your website or not. These Google Analytical tools will help you to understand the actual rating and ranking of your website. You can compare the traffic statistics within different time frames and look deeper to find the loopholes or flaws that are leading a downfall in the traffic or what are the positives that you may carry forward.


  1. After you have completed all of these, you must revise your work. The best way to keep your website on top is by revising the old methods and updating everything as per the latest requirement. The content should be fresh and updated regularly; the website built and designs tweaked and improved, usage of Google analytics to find your shortcomings are the only way you can sustain in the competitive web world.

Creating a website is easier said than done. But the harder part is to sustain it. The requirements are diverse with the latest development in tools that can make your website look like a scrap if steps are not taken regularly. The knowledge and implementation both are of same importance in creating the best.


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