The interesting story of Chris Stapleton

Seldom have we seen people who make it large despite coming from a humble background, and rarer are those who have become an overnight sensation. Chris Stapleton has been such a phenomena who will be remembered long for his contribution towards American music industry. Born in Lexington, Kentucky Chris grew up with a family in a coal mining area. He did his graduation from Staffordsville and started his engineering course from Vanderbilt University but eventually dropped out from it.

He started his pursuit of music from Nashville, in 2001. After a few moderate stints, he came real good in 2007 when he started leading the bluegrass group named The Steeldrivers. He had a couple of hits which went high up in the charts. Later he left the group and joined another Southern Rock band named the Jompson Brothers with Greg McKee, J.T.Cure, and Band McNamee and enjoyed a successful run together. They released an album in November 2010.

The real success came to him in 2015 when he released his solo album named Traveller. He started song writing and eventually “Crash and Burn”, a song he wrote became the chartbuster hit, sung by Thomas Rhett. He started getting noticed widely for his work with other singers as well and earned accolades for his contribution towards American music. Award nominations followed and he won three awards in CMA Awards for the categories of best male vocalist, artist of the year and the album of the year. He continued his gold run with 4 Grammy nominations, and soon his album reached the helm of the American Country Music’s chart.

He continues his quest for music along with his singer-songwriter wife Morgane Hayes with live shows and musical albums. His popularity and the sheer number of awards and nomination show the appreciation he is receiving and expectations of followers.


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