The spectacular history of men’s suspenders

A well-dressed man is always appreciated. Over the years we have seen men in crisp suits with ties and belts dress up to the occasion. But ties and belts are the latest addition to the men’s closet. Belt was used primarily as a decorative piece of clothing for war veterans. More common were suspenders, or braces as popularly called, and was used to hold up the trousers for a gentleman. Probably developed in the 18th century France, suspenders have been in use for almost 300 years. Initially, it was considered as an undergarment, and showing of any strap was seen as rudeness, but in 1871 Albert Thurston designed and developed the modern day suspenders.

Modern day suspenders are a strap of cloth that goes over the shoulder and holds the trouser up. There are either buttons or clips on the front and rear of the trousers to fix the suspenders. The adjustable straps are fixed in such a way that it doesn’t fall off the shoulders. There are mainly three types of suspenders such as X-type, Y-type or H-type though the use of H-type is stereotyped with firefighters nowadays.

The use of suspenders can be seen extensively throughout the beginning of 20th century, almost till World War II. It was an important part of men’s wardrobe and was considered classy and trendy. The high waist trousers that men wore back then made it a necessity for all. The trend began to fall during the later part of the 20th century as the fashion and style changed for men with the development of low waist trousers. It continued its downward journey till the 1980s when it gained popularity through the wardrobes of pop stars and band members of punk fashion. Gradually it received more acceptances from men and men wearing suspenders can be seen often.

Even though a suspender is a simple strap of garment or fashion statement, some rules must be followed before wearing it. A belt is a complete no-no if suspenders are worn. If the occasion requires always wear a blazer or suit else the bare look is completely acceptable. Matching your shoes with the brace is also important if you are trying your hands on leather made straps. But overall, it is very fashionable to wear a brace even these days, so if you want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time, have a go with this trendy fashion style.


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