The “Economic” approach of “Times”

When I wake up from my sleep, the first thing I do is to go to the loo. One constant companion I have here is my mobile phone for at least a couple of years (which some of you may have grown habitual off too). I don’t know how this habit developed, but I find myself at ease with the device in hand. I go through the news apps, checking for the happenings around the world. One of the best apps that I have come across that provides an unbiased news stream is The Economic Times. I love the writing style, contents, and the comprehensive research that is put to the task which presents us with great news. Nothing mentioned here seems unreliable. The sources are authentic, and the journalists know what they are doing.

Having said that, it is natural that you develop a strong bond towards this news enterprise. I took their words as gospels and grew a habit of checking any news from ET first. If ET says it’s true, I believed. The standards were high. There was no shrugging of responsibilities.

But recently I noticed that the content in this esteemed newspaper has undergone some subtle changes. At first, there were a few articles sprinkled under different headers like economy, market, politics, etc., but now it is growing at an alarming pace. I am talking about not so famous expert analysis, not so unbiased opinion about an incident and so on. We find news headlines that take a click bait type of approach which is growing popular on the internet now. Here’s an example:”Looking to save tax for FY 2017-18? Here are 6 investments with tax-free income“. It seems that the focus is shifting from reporting facts and stats to luring a reader to make them read an article just like most money churning blogs do.

As a reader, nothing seems to be out of place regarding news items in Economic Times, in fact, it has been my priority newspaper for quite a few years. But the inclusion of blog type articles and opinions on the main page of the newspaper is a big turn-off. These can be included in editorial sections or even a separate page can be dedicated to all these articles, but giving them headlines status seems a bit of an overkill. You already have enough to prove your leadership caliber, why indulge in something that makes you just another common follower.


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