Time-saving and cheap tricks to make life easier

Most of us do not care much about the activities we do throughout the day and hardly take notice of the things we keep doing in a complex or more time consuming manner. They gradually become a habit and gets very hard to get rid of. We often find ourselves in messy situations out of the everyday tasks just because we are not paying attention, or maybe we are not aware of a simpler way of doing them. The following hacks can make a significant difference in arresting the domino effect of ‘misfortunes’ and ‘misdeeds’.

  1. Before going out, fill your water bottle up to one-third of its volume and put it in the freezer. After the water inside the bottle has frozen completely, fill the rest of the bottle with normal water. This will ensure an ice cold bottle of water by your side while you are on the go.
  1. You can use toothpaste in case you are facing a problem with cleaning your car headlight.
  1. Most of us forget to pack our mobile chargers while traveling. You need not worry much in such cases. Check the TV set in your hotel room. They generally come with a USB port. You can use your data cable to charge your phone every time you are in your room.
  1. You can use your hair straighteners to iron off the collar of your shirt in case you don’t have enough time to spare.
  1. It is quite natural to lose your earrings or other such small items in your home. Searching for the same seems futile as they are so small to be seen properly. You can find it in an easy way using your vacuum cleaners, by putting a stocking over the end. It will filter away the dust particles, but your earring being bigger will stick at the front.
  1. Painting something can be a messy act. The paint brush seems to paint everything that comes in its way. You can do a clean job of it by putting a rubber band around an open can of paint. It can be used to wipe off the paint brush which is otherwise dripping all over the place. This also makes sure that the edge of the paint can is clean as new.
  1. At some point or the other in life, all of us have faced some “key” issues. Similar looking keys confuse us and we are often seen fumbling with our bunch of keys to find the right one. Save yourself the trouble by coloring the keys with nail polish or paint to identify them quickly.
  1. Another problem that we usually face is with the tangled wires of all our chargers and data cables. Save yourself from the harassment by rolling them across small paper tubes and marking them according to the uses. You can use a sunglass case or pencil box to store all your cables while travelling.
  1. Never ever have trouble with a blunt knife in your life if you have a ceramic cup in your home. You can run the edge of knife on the ceramic ring under your teacup and sharpen it again.
  1. If you ever feel your keyboard is dirty you can run your discarded post-it paper over it. Alternatively, you can also fix a cap of squeezo sauce over your vacuum cleaner to clean up the accumulated dust.
  1. Never throw away your old socks. You can use them as hand gloves while cleaning and dusting.
  1. Check your batteries are drained out or not by bouncing them on a hard surface. A good battery will bounce once and roll aside, while a dead one will bounce several times.

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