3 Irreplaceable Supporting Characters in TV Series

With the growing popularity of TV series and mini-series, the television industry is enjoying an immense surge in total viewership. Some of these shows fizzle away after a few episodes or seasons, but a few stand the test of time to retain their fan base for a longer period of time. The positive response towards a series generally depends on the main protagonist and his role throughout the seasons. Even then, some of the characters in few series succeed in evoking the same amount of appreciation from the viewers as the main “hero” and sometimes exceed the performance of the protagonists. Here’s a small list of three such characters that stood up to the task, and maybe the charm of the series would have reduced dramatically in their absence.

  1. Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells in “The Flash” (2014- )

Time and again, “The Flash” series has shown how important Dr. Harrison Wells is to hold the “Team Flash” together. He has been Barry Allen aka the Flash’s hero even before Barry got his powers. Season 1 showed the dedication of Wells towards training Barry, his motivational speeches that helped the Flash to move up his game and using his scientific mind to wriggle out of tight situations. At a later stage in season 1, it is revealed that Dr. Wells is actually the villain and Team Flash was finally able to take him down by the end of the season. Again in the 2nd season, Dr. Wells arrived with quite a style and became an instant crowd-puller. The recently concluded Season 3 saw a different avatar of this enigmatic character as H.R. Even then Tom Cavanagh was able to leave his mark through his impeccable performance. It’s true that “The Flash” is all about Barry Allen being the fastest man on the earth, but Dr. Harrison Wells made sure that it happens exactly the way we would have hoped for.

  1. William Fichtner as Alexander Mahone in Prison Break (2005 – 2009)

This series dating back to quite some time back has enjoyed a lot of popularity in its days. The first season was all about Michael Scofield breaking his brother out from one of the most secure prisons in the US, using his skills and knowledge of being a structural engineer and super intelligence. Comes season 2, enters Alexander Mahone, as the in-charge of the case and with a task at hand of catching the escaped prisoners. Mahone proved to be a worthy competitor to counter all of Michael’s meticulously planned moves to escape and even went ahead of the latter’s plan at a point. Season 3 saw him getting convicted to jail along with Michael on murder charges. Both of them managed to escape the prison, but Season 4 saw this man in a different light altogether. His determination on fighting the shadow organization named “The Company” allowed him to act as the team leader in Michael’s absence. Over three seasons, Mahone proved to be as important to the show as Michael Scofield himself.

  1. Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013)

Winner of multiple accolades, Aaron Paul is the only actor to receive 3 Primetime Emmy Awards for supporting actor for his contribution in “Breaking Bad”. The ease with which he handled the role of Pinkman has indeed left the viewers speechless. His character grew more complex with every passing season, and is often compared with the stark difference of Walter White’s character. Jesse reflects all the emotions that he goes through during each phase of his transformation. The immaturity and cowardice he shows at the initial stages of the series is seen as a reflection of general character traits of most people, which they show during adverse situations. The presence of Jesse Pinkman, along with Walter White in every episode across all the 5 seasons speaks volume about his importance in the series.


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