How to start a digital/online marketing business

Are you bored of your regular nine-to-five job? Do you feel that you are being paid pennies for your work and have no real opportunity to grow? If you are in affirmation of these things, starting your own online or digital marketing business could be a good idea. But you must realize that this is not a get rich soon scheme. You must be ready to put in your hard work, perseverance and patience into it, believing in your abilities and do the right things in the right way. The process can be extremely frustrating at times, and you may even want to stop everything you are doing. But, you must try harder and remind yourself that the next step could be your big break. Online marketing business is not a fad anymore, so if you are really interested, getting the basics right and perfecting them over time is all that matters.

What is Digital Marketing?
Before you step into the world of Digital marketing, you should know what it literally means and what are the different tactics that will help you the most. This is nothing but using different online approach to advertise your brand, be it product or services, to potential clients. The more people you reach out to, more are your chances to become successful in your business. Digital marketing is not just restricted to people trying to promote a brand or a product but is also helpful for those who do not have any product of their own. They can choose to advertise or sell products of other people in exchange of a commission. There are different types of advertising with varied potential and earning capacity.

The main methods of digital marketing depend on a few techniques such as
– PPC ads, or pay-per-click ads which enables you to generate revenue on every click that your ad receives. You can choose the ad space in your website and decide on the size of the advertisement. You can also go for custom ads according to the products that your website sells.
– SEO or search Engine Optimization is one the best revenue generator. It depends on the quality of your website and ranks it accordingly in the search engines. Higher the rank, better are the chances of people visiting the website, generating revenue with every visit.
– Content Marketing is another way of improving the chances of making a sell. A website with rich quality content generates more income than other websites. The SEO rank depends a lot on the content quality.
– Social media marketing is another tool that is growing at an exponential pace. It helps you advertise your website through social media through sponsored link or other such methods. It also helps you optimize your social media contacts to spread the word about your business.
– The growth of mobile phones and high speed mobile internet has resulted in a boom in accessing the internet through smartphones. Sending customized SMS or calls to advertise your website have become quite common nowadays. Regular SMS about the products or any offer or sale helps you bring in more customers than any conventional way.
– You can also choose some automated services for your websites which take care of all the above mentioned tasks. In this way, you won’t have to handle all the tasks by yourself. They send emails and SMS’s to your contact list promoting the websites or products.
– Another way of marketing that is growing rapidly is affiliate marketing. It is a technique where you lead a potential customer to a client website, which in turn pays you some commission if the person recommended by you buys the product. Many online businesses are solely dependent on affiliate marketing due to the high turnover they provide.

How to setup your own business
Getting your online business running requires you to have a website. You can build it yourself through WordPress or some other similar site. They will provide you the theme and the layout so you don’t have to worry much about how it looks initially. As your business grows you can improve the looks and design of website as and when needed. The thing you should have a thought, though is the selection of product that you will deal with and how to do it. Check out the step-by-step procedure for getting your business up and running. Remember this is not the final step. You must take time to analyze the results and repeat the instructions again to fine tune your website and find the loopholes in them as per your need.

A. Niche Selection
It is the most important step while setting up your business. You should choose a product that you have personal interest in and have a little know-how. But you must also consider the relevance and scope of creating business with your selection. Choosing something that you absolutely love, but has no market will not be able to generate any sales. Going through the latest trends or craze in the current market space would give you an idea of the product niche to be involved with and can result in high sales volume. Also, check for the high-cost item in the category you choose. Generate good content around the chosen niche. Always try to provide good information and help to your clients and readers. More relevance in content will help your website to rank higher in search engine and will help you to attract potential clients and customers.

While choosing a niche, always have some research done. Look for the topics that attract most number of visitors. Check for the types of products that generates the highest number of sales. Also, check if the amount and variety of ads related to that niche. Try to gauge the sentiment of potential clients when they visit your website. Check for their life-cycle. Always try to go for products that can find relevance a couple of years down the line too. Selecting a niche that may phase out within a month or two will lead to a loss of revenue in the longer run.

B. Setting up Automated Systems
After you have chosen your niche and put up your website on the internet, now the time comes to automate the marketing systems. This will ensure that you do not lose out on revenue if you are too busy with your life. There are several tools that can help you do the very same.

i) Creating Campaign – Creating a proper campaign requires a lot of smart work rather than hard work. A campaign is something that can be a deal breaker if not handled properly. To successfully launch a campaign, you should think about what makes your ad appealing. There should always be something that your potential customer is obliged to click on them. Preparing a campaign needs to be justified with your intentions like customer attraction, their retention or you just want them to visit you. Each of the intentions will create a different ad, albeit of the same product of services. Launch your campaign according to the requirement of the client along with understanding their basic needs based on the age group. You should also evaluate the duration of the campaign according to the demand.

ii) Promoting a campaign – Always choose your target audience before promoting your campaign. Use appropriate techniques to retain your existing customers. You can also use social media platforms to promote your ads. Create awareness of your by displaying videos and podcasts. You can also decide on the action that is required for your customers to make them satisfied.

iii) Building contact list – While making your website, always make a provision for visitors to subscribe to your website. This will help to build a list of customers who are interested in your website. Also make sure to have some of the stuffs available only to those who signs up. Building a list will help you in sending out promotional mails to them whenever you have an important launch. You can also send those periodical updates and newsletter through mail. Another way of getting an exhaustive subscriber list is to dole out some of the valuable stuffs to your audience. This way you will be able to build some trust among the visitors who would want to visit your website more frequently. While building an email list try to get more details about the audience through social media networks. This way you can choose to offer some promotional deals according to their birthdays, or anniversary. People getting cheap valuable products are the most type of person, so you will never lose out on any potential customer.

iv) Setting an autoresponder – Once your business starts to grow, you will have more subscribers than you can possibly imagine. It is practically not possible for anyone to handle each and every mail that is received. To send a reply or send a promotional offer is another big task with such number of people. Setting up an autoresponder like Aweber, or Mailchimp can help in this regard. These autoresponders have just one basic task among others. They send each and every person on your email list an exact same reply or same mail to promote the product you intend to, but saves you the hassles of doing it individually. You can set reminders and schedule mailing dates and subjects, thus your readers never miss out on opportunities to visit your site. They are different from spam mails, so unless the subscriber chose to unsubscribe from your mailing list they continue to receive the mails. It is a great way to promote a new campaign or product which will have your website swarming with visitors.

v) Analyze performance – Of all the things you do, you must always analyze the performance of your website. This will help you be keep update with the popularity of your website as well a certain product, service or website post. It is a useful way to smooth out your deficiencies too. You can judge how well a campaign went by the various indicators like click rate, number of visitors, view time, bounce rate and revenue generated. Taking care of the loopholes can help you to attract more visitors. You can also choose to remove or add certain features that will make your website more appealing. You can learn about the contents which are able to attract most of the people, which one generated most interest and so on.

C. Traffic
Having said so many things, the only thing that matters most once you have your website firmly established is the traffic it attracts. More traffic means more leads to your products, which in turn generate more sales. To be able to keep the steady flow of traffic to your website, you must know their type and how to attract them.

i) The most common traffic that flows naturally to your website are the unpaid or the free traffic. They come to website either through search engines and are known as organic traffic. A few people may also visit your website by directly typing its address in their browser. You cannot influence much of them unless the quality of content is sustained. They also arrive at your website through various social network sites.

II) If you are low on visitors you can always choose to have some paid traffic. There are 4 social networking tools that work great in doing so. You can choose for valid traffic through Google Ad words. It is done by putting some of the Keyword that has high search volume, borrowed from Google after paying a minimum fee. This common technique is applied by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn too. Despite the fact that this helps a lot in improving the statistics of your website, it may not always be fruitful as most of the people have a very less view time and high bounce rates as you haven’t built any long-term relation with them. So if you rely solely on paid traffic it will lose its customers as soon as the payment period gets over.

Though these are the basic pointers for building a successful website and generate good returns over the time, there could be many more ideas to run an online business. Proper dedication and basic understanding of these tools will help you to create a profitable and sustainable business within a very short span of time.


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