How to succeed as a Freelance writer in India

Being a freelancer has its perks. You can work whenever you want and can take up as much or as little work as per your wish. There are no location constraints, no fixed boss to breathe down your neck or no dumb manager to report to. You can spend as much time as you want to celebrate festivals, traveling to places or enjoying with your friends and family. And yes, there is money – a lot of it, to be honest.

But, every coin has two sides. The benefits of freelancing are immense, but so are the negatives associated with it. You have no definite salary, so there is always a chance that you may face financial hiccups. Freelancers are devoid of getting any promotions and they don’t earn any proof of service certification most of the time. Also, the chances of getting duped by online scammers are high. Lastly, most of the freelancers work as ghostwriters, so they do not get any recognition at all for their work.

The question you might have at this juncture could be something like “why the hell people opt for freelancing then?” Well, there are no specific answers. Some do it for the money, others for learning the art of writing. A few get into this as they are not able to secure a job in any sector and have nothing else to do. These are the facts that most content writers will know but won’t reveal. Now it’s all laid bare in front of you.

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Whatever your reasons might be, if you are still reading the article, and decided on being a full-time freelancer, you should always avoid a few mistakes I made. You must stick to them if you want to grow fast, earn more and don’t want to lose sleep over your workload or payment rates.

  1. When you start out as a freelancer, try to research for selecting the niche you want to work on. Do the research, search the internet, reach out to the leaders in your niche, know and learn the basics, and evaluate where you stand.
  2. Create a profile, or better, a blog for yourself. You can write a few articles or share your thoughts on some issues. Whatever you do, make sure that you build up your online presence. Share your blog with friends and family, and even to strangers who care to read about what you have to say.
  3. Most of the freelancers in India start working from different platforms like Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer. There are other places that can help you earn of which Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms. You might want to start from these websites, though they won’t help you much in the longer run. Your earnings will also be on a lower side unless you land yourself with a hefty offer. Even then you need to pay one-fifth of the earning to the website itself. If you decide to work outside the platform, there are high chances that you will be scammed of your money.
  4. Keep updating your blog and work on developing your skills by using the above-mentioned platforms. Try to learn different techniques and acquire new skills.
  5. Once you have perfected your unique tone and style of your writing, register with websites like Iwriter, Contentgather, and Dotwriter. These websites pay you more for your work, and the rates increase as your level and expertise increases. A top-rated writer can earn more than $50 per article from iwriter, and more from the others. However you need to remember that they only consider high-quality articles, so you must be at that level to get regular work.
  6. Once you start working with them, you will gradually understand the quality of English you need to learn if you want to grow as a writer. You can easily check out different websites like ListVerse, WOW, etc., which pays you good money for your contributions. Also, the websites give you credits for your articles with a byline.
  7. The last step to make a lasting inflow money is to pitch to the client. When you are confident enough with your work, you can get in touch with the offices of different organizations and pitch in for a contract. Start cold-pitching the clients by searching for them on different portals.

These 7 steps are something I tried, which helped me to grow as a writer, leave my full-time job and become a freelancer. If you are willing to work hard, there is no reason why you can’t be a successful freelance writer either. The only golden rule that you should always remember is never to work for low rates and start writing whichever person pays you. Setting a standard and sticking to it is the only way that can help you to succeed in this field.


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