How a Peruvian wooden box changed the world of Music

The journey of music has no predetermined past. Nobody knows who started it and what prompted him/her to start it. But most of the historians believed that music originated from the ancient rituals related to religious ceremonies. Naturally, the early humans made music by playing readily available musical instruments like rocks or sticks. It was not until 4000 BC that the first instance of flute came up. Gradually, many musical evolved but the progress was immensely slow.

Fast forward to the 18th-century world, slavery is at its peak, with slaves denied of most of the privileges enjoyed by the masters. So, a rule that prohibits slaves to participate in musical endeavors was imposed. The slaves from Spanish colonial America, especially in Peru and Africa did continue singing and dancing in secret, but without any musical instruments the things didn’t spice up as much as they wanted. Just to follow the rhythm, these people started to play whatever things those were commonly available in almost every shack – a crate. Little did they know that one of their single acts of desperation would revolutionize the history of playing musical instruments.

The slaves of Peru spoke Spanish. They called the instrument by the name Cajon that literally means crate, box or a drawer. Barring the modern day version of Cajons which have sophisticated tunings for tuning bass and adding snares, the initial design hasn’t changed much and it is essentially a hollow empty box. Brought in 1977 to Spain by percussionist Caitro Solo, Cajon slowly started its journey in mainstream music. Currently, most of the percussionist prefer it over drums and play them in concerts and events, especially if the space for performance is not very big.

A modern-day standard Cajon is around one-foot square and 18 inches tall, and comes with a thin layer of plywood at the front and a hole in the back. Music is produced as a player hits different parts of the front side. Provision of double bass, the presence of snares and other adjustable have turned Cajon into a perfect instrument for a musician. People like Mike Meadows, Maria CortesNina Rodriquez and now Heidi Joubert has experimented and modified the instrument to perform in any conditions.

If you are one of the budding musicians who want to make it to the big stage, Cajon is one instrument that you cannot do without. Check out three of the top Cajon available on sale now. You can buy them according to your need and specific to the genre you play the most with.

1.Cajon Rumbero – Pepote (Maestro)


CAJON RUMBERO – Pepote (Maestro) (28,5 x 29 x 47 Cm.) Natural

A lightweight and durable Cajon with the best of its kind sound, Cajon Rumbero is something that you won’t regret buying. The looks are classy, and the size available is perfect for anyone who is willing to go for a long-duration performance. It is quite new to the market but has already started earning praise with its trustworthy sound. The product is easily available and can be bought from Amazon. You can check out this awesome instrument here.

2.LP Americana Kevin Ricard Signature String Cajon

LP Americana Kevin Ricard Signature String Cajon

Another great Cajon, LP Americana is developed by Kevin Ricard. The sound of the Cajon depends largely on the types of woods, and this particular Cajon uses Baltic Birch wood for its front panel. The overall design is good, sounds produced are excellent, and interestingly, this masterpiece comes with a unique top-tuning facility. I should be noted that generally a Cajon have the tuning keys at the bottom of the instrument, but LP has kept it at the top. The design allows the musicians to adjust the bass according to their own preferences. The product is available in Amazon stores and entertains a free delivery for the customers.

3. Meinl Percussion AE-CAJ9 Artisan Edition Flamenco Cajon, Fandango Line


Meinl Percussion AE-CAJ9 Artisan Edition Flamenco Cajon, Fandango Line – Indian Heartwood Frontplate (VIDEO)

 Meinl has been known as a top-class instrument designer and maker so the product they deliver reaches the level of artistic perfection. This particular product has excelled in almost all the aspects that make a Cajon investment-worthy.The Cajon comes with tuning screws and it has 16 adjustable vertical strings for producing the unique snare sound. The designing looks classy and the provision of makers logo make the product more attractive. Anyone looking for a good professional Cajon will definitely not be disappointed with this masterpiece.

I myself is a musician, so I know how sensitive we are when it comes to our instruments. The above three Cajons are best in its class and anyone buying them won’t rue the fact that they invested in them.


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