Books are still the best friend that your child needs

Books are known as the best friend that a man (and woman) can have. I believed it in my childhood and even do so now. The habit I grew up with has turned into an obsession, but yes, it’s a good addiction. Reading from an early age helped me a lot in doing things differently, and in a better way since my childhood.

But if you look around, you will find a paradigm shift all over the world. Fewer kids love reading books now, and most of the pre-teens and adolescents have never heard of books that were sort of a must read in our childhood. You will find that kids are very busy and stressed out, even from an early age so they can argue that they don’t have any time to spare on reading storybooks (which is more or less true, at least partially), to which their parents even support them. But, contrary to the common fad, reading books should never be seen as something that is a waste of a time. In fact, it helps a child a lot in improving and building his character. And it is you, who have to encourage your child to read more.

But, how does reading books help children? Researches into the matter have shown the following benefits.

  1. Increase in vocabulary.
  2. Improves understanding
  3. Building self-confidence and independence
  4. Helps a child to find relevance with the world around him.
  5. Increases knowledge
  6. Provides entertainment
  7. Broadens outlook
  8. Improvement of creativity and the power of imagination.
  9. Make your child smarter and allows him to learn about places, history, science and boosts constructive ideas
  10. Helps a child to write better.

These are the direct benefits. But there are numerous other benefits that come attached to the habit as well as help him to cope up with the stress he has and be smarter than their peers. But what books would be ideal for your kid? I have compiled a list of ten evergreen must-read books and series that you must buy your kid. Check them out, they are not in any particular order, so you can start choosing any one of them at your will.

1. Aesop’s Fables:

A great collection of stories from a Greek story-teller Aesop. A slave in ancient Greece, Aesop portrayed the characters of his stories through animals and adding human as well as animalistic traits in them. His stories say a lot about common sense, general lifestyle, philosophies in an easy language and in an entertaining way. The stories have a moral at the end, which can be very beneficial for any child who reads it.

Aesop’s Fables: All-time Favourite Stories

2. Panchatantra:

An ancient Indian book that has a style similar to the Aesop’s fables. The stories in Panchatantra tell about the moral values that smaller children can relate to. The storytelling techniques are free-flowing and entertain kids a lot while reading as they can relate the incidents mentioned in the book to their daily life, and learn how to respond to them.

365 Pancharantra Stories

3. Thakurmar Jhuli:

If you want to treat your child with something that is exciting, adventurous as well as suspenseful, there is no better choice than Dakshinaranjan Mitra Majumdar‘s Thakurmar Jhuli. The name translated, means, Stories my Grandma told me. This book contains flying horses, flying carpet, edge of the seat excitement of the fight between a good prince and bad giant, and what not. The book is full of fantasy, adventure, great climaxes that will leave your kid speechless with awe and amazement. Each story ends in a moral inserted subtly.

Tales My Grandmother Told Me: Collection of Short Stories from Thakumar Jhuli

4. Malgudi Days:

A book by R.K.Laxman, published in 1943, and adopted as a television series in 1986, speaks about the daily life of a young child named Swamy, living in a fictional Indian town of Malgudi. The book has over 30 story that tells how Swamy copes up with the daily struggles he faces, and how he comes to term with the truth of life. One of the best book that you can get for your kid.

Malgudi Days

5. Jungle book:

A boy abandoned at birth, grows up in a jungle, thanks to the caretaking by the animals present in it. What did he learn as he grew up, away from any civilization, raised by animals? Who were his friends and who were his enemies? Watch the wild spirit grow in your child along Mowgli, with this Rudyard Kipling masterpiece.

The Jungle Book

6. Alice in Wonderland:

Have to ever realize how non-sense can make perfect sense to your child? It doesn’t matter even if you haven’t realized if you buy your kid a copy of Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland as the author takes the reader into a whirlwind journey through the “wonderland” that leaves him/her completely dazed and waiting for more. Even your kid will wonder, even after growing up, that whether a mirror really is a way to the fantasy land.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass (Penguin Classics)

7. Harry Potter Series:

When J.K.Rowling created Harry Potter, little did she knew that her books will be regarded as all-time greats. The journey of Harry through the world magic – learning new spells, finding friends, fighting foes can only get better across the seven books as they progress. The evil plans of Lord Voldemort, the greatest wizard of all time, to kill the 11-year-old Harry backfired once, but he is growing again. Will he be successful the second time? You have to read the books to know.

Harry Potter 7 Volume Children’S Paperback Boxed Set: The Complete Collection (Set of 7 Volumes)

8. Chronicles of Narnia:

The story of how four kids stumble upon a mystery wardrobe which takes them away in a world full of magic that is both good and evil, fantastic beasts, awesome landscape of Narnia and a feeling of adventurism in the characters is what makes the book an unstoppable read. C.W.Lewis has created the near-perfect fantasy novel for children that is a must-read for all the kids. The story was later adopted as movies and other media productions.

Chronicles of Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia)

9. The Lord of the Rings:

One story began with the forging of the rings – for the men, elves, and dwarves. But there was another ring that rules them all. What are these rings for? Who is evil lord Sauron, and how his plan of ruling over the entire world is thwarted by the most unlikely characters? The J.R.R.Tolkien novel is something that is powerful in itself to keep your kids riveted till the last page.

The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings

10. Life of Pi:

Pi, a small boy from India, lost his family while travelling to Canada, in a shipwreck that has only two survivors. It was him and a tiger from their zoo, stranded in a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. What happens next is completely unexpected. How did Pi survives the 227 day journey, living in a lifeboat? Yann Martel has written a modern day classic and every page tells us why it is a must-read for every kid growing up.

Life of Pi: Booker Prize Winner 2002

These books combine fantasy, reality, and entertainment all at once, but teaches about the moral values too. Your child will not get bored at once while flicking through pages. You will also notice how their intelligence, as well as emotional balance, improves as they go through one book after the other, spending their time with Harry, Alice, Frodo, Pi and much more. Christmas is a great time for celebration, which is just around the corner, and nothing can be better than these priceless gifts which you can give to your child.


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