Why Vitamin E is the secret protector of your hair

Falling hair is a perennial problem for both genders. Especially, when you are approaching the middle age from the tweens, you are greeted with thinning hairs, receding hairline, and low hair volume. Though you try to act casual, the thought of balding scalp gives you nightmares. But what if I tell you that falling hair can be taken care of without any side effect or without using much of the expensive cosmetics and drugs? What if there are no extra time-taking efforts that you must put in in order to have a stronger and better hair? Yep, it’s not magic and it is quite possible.

I must give you some words of caution here. If you are facing hair-fall issues due to genetic reasons or due to any medication, it might not help you a lot. The same goes for any chronic illness, or maladies you are suffering from. The things I am going to tell you will mostly benefit people with general hair-fall issues.

What causes hair-fall in general?

“I had a beautiful hair when I was young, and I now I am losing hair at an alarming rate.” This is one of the common lament of every man and woman as they start their journey through the twenties towards the thirties. You must have seen people blaming the air, the water, the change of location, and many more things but fails to understand that with age it is quite normal to have some hair-fall. Whatever you do, you cannot stop falling of hairs totally. What you can do is to take care of the external and the internal factors which will allow you to control the rate of falling hairs, strengthen them, and help them grow naturally. Apart from aging, pollution, change of location and some other factors like physical and emotional stress, lack of protein, vitamin B, and iron can also aggravate the falling of hairs. There are some other factors too, and it varies from person to person.

How does Vitamin E fit here?

You must be wondering that I didn’t mention the importance of Vitamin E even once. So where does it actually comes into play? If you remember, I have spoken about Vitamin E for skincare in one of my earlier posts. Of all the methods that you have tried in the past to restrict hair-fall, Vitamin E method works the best. It is easily available, naturally abundant and easy to include in your hair care regime. It does not have any side effects and has a long-term positive impact on your hair as well as skin.

What is so good about Vitamin E?

There are several factors due to which Vitamin E is gaining popularity as the primary method of hair care. One of the major reason is the fact that Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant apart from boosting the overall immune system.

Vitamin E also provides your hair follicles the required integrity of the cell membranes, thus provides strength which helps in reducing the number of hairs falling out every time you comb your hair. Additionally, it increases the healing of damaged hair and promotes growth by improving oxygenation and transporting the required nutrients through capillary growth. Hence, your hair will be healthier due to the absence of anti-oxidants, and internal improvement of oxygen circulation.

How to do Vitamin E therapy?

Now that you know that Vitamin E helps you to retain and regrow your hair naturally, you should also be aware of the methods of applying it. There will be no or limited result if you grab some Vitamin E rich source start applying to your scalp and hair, though many people do it to moderate to low impact results. Vitamin E will help you most when you consume it by including the source in your diet and digesting it. There are plenty of foods that are rich in this Vitamin, which is easily available to you. There is also provision for Vitamin E supplements that can be taken physically. Consult your dermatologist or physician to run a diagnostic so that you can learn about the health requirement according to your health condition.

Where can you get Vitamin E?

As mentioned earlier, you can get plenty of sources that can provide you with all the required amount of Vitamin E a human body needs. Some of the common sources are:

  • Sunflower oil
  • Almonds
  • Spinach
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Avocado
  • Palm oil
  • White germ
  • Olive Oil

There are other sources as well that can provide you with sufficient amount of Vitamin E.


Vitamin E is really necessary for maintaining a healthy skin as well as healthy hair. It helps a lot in conditioning the skin and scalp, and control the pH value and antioxidant activities so that your physical appearance remains untarnished naturally. The side effects are also nil, if taken in right quantity, unlike the other chemical influenced cosmetic products available in the market. For those who have healthy taste buds, eating the Vitamin E rich diet could be an added motivation.


2 thoughts on “Why Vitamin E is the secret protector of your hair

  1. From a vey philosophical talk given by a medical specialist, his take home message was how we as a generation have forgotten the benefit of fruits and vegetables at the bedside of a person who has fallen ill … your article is once again a reminder to self of how beneficial it is to include at least one vegetable per meal is . . . Lovely blog !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. @mhealthwellness: couldn’t agree more. Since ages, it has always been emphasized the role of fruits and vegetables as a way of life. We are losing touch with age old customs, but it’s upon us to maintain certain things, at least for health benefits.

    Liked by 1 person

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