How to turn mediocrity into your greatest strength

Famous American dancer Martha Graham once said, “The only sin is mediocrity.” You must be familiar with the pangs of being too mediocre. You might have heard it multiple time from your boss that you are a mediocre employee. The word hangs like a guillotine for most of us, ready to cut us in our attempt to greatness and glory every single time. You must have thought of breaking away from it multiple times, but couldn’t do it due to a variety of reasons. So what do you do? Live all your life with the tag, or try to maneuver your greatest weakness into your strongest weapon?

Mediocrity is indeed a great hindrance to whatever you do. It gradually starts affecting your personal as well as professional life. Your behavior and attitude change towards everyday duties. You curse your fate and move on to the next day as if nothing happened. Over time, your personality begins to deform. You turn into the same person that you hated so much earlier. Well, what if I tell you about a few things which actually can transform your life using the same mediocrity that you wanted to get rid of in the first place itself?

Before I tell you how exactly you can be mediocre yet strong, you must know the names of a few great personality who are at the top of their field in today’s time and was thought to be quite mediocre when they started the journey to the top. People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Walt Disney were ridiculed and rejected during their early life, but they turned the table due to sheer determination and never-say-die attitude.

Before you start working on your personality and transform yourself, you must understand that these techniques will not make you an overnight success. But if you stick to them for long enough, they will help you to achieve your goals by making the journey smoother. The steps that you need to follow are:

  1. Set Goal

Yep. It’s important. Before you start doing something, setting a goal that never lets you off the track is the crucial factor. It will help you to define your limits, stay practical, set up the pace at which you want to work ahead, and most importantly, to never lose hope or faith in your abilities. If you think you can move forward and act accordingly, or modify your goals, according to the results, think again. The first instance of a setback will start affecting you and do more harm than good during the further course of your journey. And trust me, it’s a long journey.  Setting a goal and judging yourself according to the progress made will help you to weed out the bottlenecks at every stage of your journey.

  1. Maintain continuity

When you try to change your life and embrace the mediocrity, it is very important to maintain continuity. You need to practice one move 100 times rather than practicing 100 moves once. It will not only make you unbeatable but will prove to be the single most important skill that will make you better than everyone else. Remember, you already win the war, if no one is present to fight with you. Continuity will also help you discard the habits and actions that are a hindrance to your progress, and make you stronger than ever.

  1. Inculcate new skills

When you set out on a journey that can change your life, you need to learn a few skills to stay ahead of the race. Continuing with the old skills is necessary, but you must understand the subtle line between what is important to you. A few arrows in your quiver will only make you face the struggles in your journey with a better defense. Learning new skills gives you a better perspective on the things you are already doing in a better and faster way.

  1. Learn from mistakes

Making mistakes is an integral part of most of the things we do. So, learn from your mistakes. Learn from others’ mistakes as well. A lifetime is a very short span of time if you have to every mistake on your own. Making a mistake will help you to introspect your strategies and prioritize every move you make.

  1. Adapt to adverse situations

When you are out on a quest, the situations won’t stay favorable forever. You must be ready to adapt and adjust to different situations accordingly. If you are not the fittest, you won’t survive. It’s as simple as that. You need to be mentally strong so that you can come out of every adverse situation you face.

  1. Strive for perfection

Be perfect in the five steps mentioned above. Sounds easy? Well, you’ll see. Without perfection in what you do, you will remain the same. You might be stronger and better than a few, but there are others better than you.

I know what you are thinking. The above steps are the same as many “experts” told you. But read the steps again. You’ll see the difference. There is nothing wrong with being mediocre. What is wrong is to stay the same all through your life. So, tie up your shoelace, fasten the armor, polish your old weapons so that they shine, embrace your mediocrity and start the journey, for if you never start, you can never end it. As spoken by Israelmore Ayivor, “To a hungry person, every bitter food is sweet. When the preferable is not available, the available becomes preferable!”


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