Infographics - basics

The facts behind a successful Infographic [Infographic]

Building and growing your own business is not an easy task. And the most important component of any online business is content. But, people are not interested in lengthy blogposts, or any informational article like the way they used to even a couple of years back. To spice things up, enters Infographic.

Infographic has been the talk of the town in the field of content marketing for some time now. But what exactly is an infographic? If you go by the exact definition, an infographic is a visual representation of any information. The visuals that are used for making an effective could include charts, graphics, graphs, image, but so much of text. 

Since the average attention span of human beings are reducing drastically, every one involved in the field of content marketing looks to grab the attention of the visitors as soon as possible. As human brains are more receptive towards visual content, the information gathered through an visual piece of content helps in better retention of data.

The following is an infographic by Customer Magnetism that tells you what is an infographic and a few basics of it. Check it out.

What is an Infographic?
Created by Customer Magnetism.

 So, did you find any difference in the way information is conveyed? Which is the method you prefer the most? Is it the textual way or the pictorial way? Let me know in the comments.


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