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We live in a fast-paced world, which is always buzzing with activities. Accessing information about anything and everything is not much difficult today. And they come in many forms and at a breakneck speed. Blogs, articles, emails, social media posts, videos, and even app notifications keep us aware of the things going on around us round the clock. All these overwhelming amounts of information and ideas, yet catching up with them keeps us always on our toes.

Gaining knowledge or learning new things is not a problem anymore. Still, finding the time or opportunity to apply it becomes challenging, considering our busy schedule of performing the daily duties. Besides, it seems we can’t find time to take a break, breathe, appreciate, or even be happy about what we do.

The POT is about reconnecting with our inner self using the simple wisdom of life. It helps in finding a perspective while dealing with our daily struggles in a complex world. It reminds us to apply the basic understanding of life while handling responsibilities, struggles, dreams, disappointments, relationships, and find the peace within.

The POT contains real-life stories, articles, insights, and much more to explore for readers of all ages. You’ll find posts about wellness, relationships, hobbies, managing finance, spirituality, gadgets, cultural heritage, traveling, and more. On subscribing to The POT, you will receive one weekly newsletter, containing the best topics of the week. We will also send you a monthly wrap up once a month so that you can revisit your favorite posts again.

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