How to turn mediocrity into your greatest strength

Mediocrity is indeed a great hindrance to whatever you do. It gradually starts affecting your personal as well as professional life. what if I tell you about a few things which actually can transform your life using the same mediocrity that you wanted to get rid of in the first place itself?


How to succeed as a Freelance writer in India

These 7 steps are something I tried, which helped me to grow as a writer, leave my full-time job and become a freelancer. If you are willing to work hard, there is no reason why you can’t be a successful freelance writer either

The “Economic” approach of “Times”

When I wake up from my sleep, the first thing I do is to go to the loo. One constant companion I have here is my mobile phone for at least a couple of years (which some of you may have grown habitual off too). I don't know how this habit developed, but I find … Continue reading The “Economic” approach of “Times”