POT means a rounded container, preferably of metal. It also signifies storage. The P.O.T., as a website, preserves important thoughts, observations, and insights that can make an impact on how you live. It teaches, preaches, educates, and make people aware of the things that can affect their lives.

The P.O.T. is a niche website. It speaks of human life and the things that affect it. As we cannot do with our five basic senses, the P.O.T. caters to the five basic human needs.

The “Hobbies” section will show you what you can do to make your life more interesting. The “Life” category speaks about the nice smell of life that comes with great physical wellness and appearance. The “Tech” menu will let you feel the world changing around you with modern gears and gadgets. Listen to the sweet sound of money with the “Mint” section. Finally, the “Opinion” will give you the sweet and bitter taste of life as you experience it.

Check out the website to find out about the extra zing that you are missing in your life right now. Do tell me if you want something more from the POT and I will cook it for you.

Rest assured, let’s share a hearty meal together, while we try to make the world a better place.


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